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OliviaAccut (29.05.19 10:14)
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п»ї The New York Times will start charging for content in 2011 - www.trekmovers.com

I found this article today in CNN Money about the New York Times that charges for its content in 2011. I am not surprised that the main news publications go this route, because their printed subscriptions are suffering greatly, and do not know what to do . As a serious blogger for over 4 years, my problem with the NY Times is not that they are making a commercial move to generate an additional source of income. My problem is that that is the reason why they should start charging for content online because they spent the last 5 years thinking that this movement of information in real time on the Internet was just a passing fad. They laughed at bloggers, and now many print journalists now work for blogs like Politico and The Huffington Post. If they had spent time learning how to create a sustainable business model on the Internet from the beginning, they would have enough advertising agreements on their website to subsidize the money they are losing on reduced paper subscriptions. Ok, now I'm coming out of the soap box. What does this mean for us?
Are you willing to pay for online information? I do not pay a dime for the content on the Internet. There is a lot of free information from highly reliable sources online now, and it is not necessary. And damn it, I pay $ 50 per month for high-speed Internet. Now you tell me I'm going to pay for the information on-demand on the Internet? Actually, it is not so extraordinary that people pay for information and content. We pay for digital books, MP3s, images, videos and educational materials, but very few of us pay monthly subscriptions online. Therefore, I agree with the CNN article about how NY Times should approach this: "If you are in the money business, you need breaking news to make decisions that will make you win or lose money, "he said. "So paying for an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal is peanuts." But due to the broad coverage of the New York Time, the company will have to find a way to address its most loyal readership. Be willing to pay for your content. The Times will have to carefully select and choose what they offer as premium content and free content. They must choose certain niches of information to collect, such as their famous editorial section, their theater and art section, reviews and other exclusive content of their publication. If someone goes to the Times mainly for sports and world news and your accountant runs out of free articles, you will go to the next publication that does not charge you money. This is a slippery slope Darren Rowse, of Problogger.com, recently started a premium section, and I'm sure he has enough people to subscribe, but he does not have as many readers as he has for his free stuff. Once the big kids start charging for the content, it will make all the smaller online publications test the water by charging for the content and that the Internet will be crap. You will have a website after the website fails to make the correct premium content, and we will have to put up with it and wait for it to be offered again, because we are not interested. What are you willing to pay in line? Would you pay for exclusive content from the NY Times, CNN or Fox News? What about Politico, Tech Crunch or Gizmodo? I want to know your opinion on this topic.

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OliviaAccut (28.05.19 13:30)
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п»ї How to choose a CPA - www.trekmovers.com
Are you interested in hiring a certified public accountant (CPA)? As an individual, a CPA can help you file taxes while answering any financial questions you have in mind. At the same time, many CPAs also specialize in working with business owners. Some people immediately reject the idea of ​​hiring a CPA for their taxes because of the initial costs above and beyond a service like TurboTax. But, often these professionals can ultimately save you a lot of money with your experience by using techniques and strategies that a computer program (or yourself) would not even know. If you are thinking In hiring a service professional, you should know what to look for and what steps to take. Below are several details to consider when contracting a CPA: 1. Experience. Above all, you must hire a CPA with experience in the area in which you need help. For example, someone who specializes in individual tax returns is not the right option if you need help for your business. There is a big difference between the way a CPA treats an individual and how they approach a small business. How can I find out if a particular CPA has any experience suitable for my needs? The best way is to ask Permitales to explain their professional experience, and how it relates to what they are trying to achieve. Along with this, receiving a referral is an excellent way to know that you are getting involved with an experienced and reliable CPA with a good reputation. 2. Do you feel comfortable communicating regularly with the person? The last thing you want is to hire a CPA that you do not enjoy communicating with. You do not have to be friends with the people you hire, but you need to feel comfortable asking questions and asking for help when necessary. If you do not feel you can establish a good working relationship with a particular person, move on to someone else. 3. Size of the company. Are you going to hire a single CPA or are you looking for a large accounting firm with a complete team dedicated to you and your business? Your wishes and needs should determine the answer to this question. If you only need help from a CPA once a year, as for a tax return, a lone person is the right choice. On the other hand, if you have a growing business that needs regular assistance, a large accounting firm could be the right decision. If the business is still in its initial stage, an individual can be enough (and save you a lot of money). 4. Are you really hiring a CPA? These professionals must meet a minimum level of education, while taking tests to demonstrate their knowledge. There is nothing wrong with hiring a general accountant, just make sure you know the difference and what you will get in return.
5. Money money money. CPAs have experience with numbers. This includes your rate or hourly rate. Be sure to compare the cost of several professionals before making a hiring decision. You will usually find that a "one-person company" costs much less than a large accounting firm. Before making a final selection, interview at least three CPAs. Along with this, do not be afraid to ask for references. This is a good way to learn more about a professional before hiring him to work for you. Do you have additional points or first-hand experiences that can help someone in their search for a CPA? We would love to hear from you! (credit of the photo: Andres Rueda)

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